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15 Best Programming Fonts for Better Coding

Even if you’re not getting these symptoms, a well-designed font often offers superior readability over the default system fonts. Are you having eye strain or difficulty reading your code after a few hours of hard work? Many programmers never think to switch their font until they start getting headaches. @hyperjump/json-schema-core Tools for working with schemas […]

File Comparison Plugin for Notepad++ to Compare Files in Notepad++

Are you facing the same problem of comparing two documents after the changes are made? This is a typically time-consuming and most tedious task faced by writers and programmers. Yes, we have experienced this nightmare ourselves and took on the task of solving it for every one of us. Let’s say you are working on […]

How To Get Compare Plugin Back Into Notepad++

Once the file’s location is known, it can be opened using the ‘cd’ command to change to the file’s directory, and the ‘vi’ command to open the file in the vi text editor. In this chapter, we will learn how to create, save, execute, and modify batch files. With the recent builds, Microsoft added tabs […]

Recover an unsaved text document ?

Online json formatters are good but sometimes you don’t want to risk sending the data you’re formatting across the Internet. If you want to do your job well, you must first sharpen your tools. It is said that writing javascript without verification such as JSLint is absolutely impossible, so prepare to install the JSLint pl… […]